PS4 Jailbreak Firmwares

FirmwareSizeLinkJailbreak Instruction
PS4 Firmware (OFW) 4.05297MBDownloadComing Soon
PS4 Firmware (OFW) 4.55324MBDownloadComing Soon
PS4 Firmware (OFW) 5.05357MBDownloadPS4 Jailbreak 5.052022
PS4 Firmware (OFW) 6.72442MBDownloadPS4 Jailbreak 6.722022
PS4 Firmware (OFW) 7.02447MBDownloadPS4 Jailbreak 7.022022
PS4 Firmware (OFW) 7.5X449MBDownloadPS4 Jailbreak 7.5X2022
PS4 Firmware (OFW) 9.00467MBDownloadPS4 Jailbreak 9.002022

PS4 Jailbreak Firmwares – PS4 Exploit execution is not about FAT, Slim, and PRO. It’s about the firmware version that you have installed on your PS4 system. You can only jailbreak the limited PS4 firmware mentioned above with instructions. If you are on the listed firmware version (below), you must update via USB. PS4 console can be easy to update via exFAT or FAT32 formatted USB drive.


Can I backport my firmware?

You can backport games but you can’t roll back to the previous firmware version. If you are the above-listed firmware versions, Sell your PS4 system and buy the console with the listed firmware installed.

I’m on 5.05 should I update?

It’s all on you, if are you done installing backport of game, updates, and DLCs. You can jump to 9.00 or if it’s not a problem for you, stay on more stable 5.05 firmware version.

What happens when you jailbreak?

An exploit execution adds/unlocks new and useful features under debug setting for you such as package installer, FTP, and many others.

5.05 vs 9.00 Jailbreak

5.05 bit more stable than 9.00, but we can’t ignore other features. Check example below
Game Required Firmware – 9.00 | Your Firmware – 9.00, No Backup, Update, DLC backport require
If Game Required Firmware – 9.00 | Your Firmware – 7.55 or lower. You must install backport for your game, update, and DLC (if you have installed it).
Game Required Firmware – 7.55 or lower | Your Firmware – 9.00, No Backup, Update, DLC backport require

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