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Hellow everyone, I hope you all well. Today in this article I am gonna share with you PS3 tool collection 4.8.1 and v2.7.17. This time I am working on it and I believe these tools helps you to install PS3 PKG games on OFW 4.81 no Jailbreak with USB. This PS3 tool collection has many tools inside. I mentioned below all the tool names. Many people ask me where to convert the PS3 game to PKG games and many other questions like how to update PS3 games and How to edit PATAM.SFO. Please watch the list first.

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List of PS3 Tool Collection

PS3 Game Updates tool

PS3 Games Database

PS3 Rip

Create PS3 Extra

PS3 Game Integrity

PS3 ContentID


PUP Viewer


PS3 File Splitter



PS3 Console ID

Fat32 Format

Cheats & Saves

Bruteforce Save Data

BSD Patch Creator

PS3 Cheat Editor

PS2 Memory Card Manager


Bruteforce Klicensee

Bruteforce EDAT Dev Klic

List Edat Dev Klics

Game Settings Manager


PS3 Cover Uploader

PS3 Web Temperature Monitor

Bruteforce EBOOT

Edat Tool GUI

Sce tool GUI

Retro XMB Creator

PS3Classics GUI

Edat Tool GUI


PKG Viewer

Make PKGs

PBP Unpacker





Install Hard Links Tool

PS3 FTP Client

PS3 FTP Data Sync

PS3 NET Server

MMRAS server


PS3 Web Temperature

PS3 Web Debugger

Last Game Customizer

DEX Game Mounter GUI

BD Emu Partition Tool

As I do every time. I am gonna cover all the major question answers related PS3 tool collection v2.7.17 and 4.8.1 which regular visitor ask to me. so let’s get started.

Q: How to fix PS3 tool Error MSVBVM50.DLL?

A: Just download MSVBVM50 file and put it the main folder of the S3 tool collection. Run Tool collection and it will work now perfectly.

Q: What is PS3 Collection tool 4.8.1?

A: PS3 Collection tool is a collection of PS3 tool. This collection gives you all tool and software which you need to modify anything for your console. This is the first tool which allows you to modify your games, saved file PARAM.SFO and many other things.

Q: What is the difference between PS3 collection tool v2.7.17 and 4.8.1?

A: Actually, both are same. When I was trying to learn more about PS3 collection tool. Then I saw many people know this tool PS3 Collection tool v2.7.17 and another people 4.8.1

Q: Is it safe?

A: Well, I also work on this tool and it’s safe. There is no any tool which can be damage your console or your online PSN “PlayStation Network” account.

Q: How can use these tools?

A: Well, I will cover all the tools in my future tutorial and articles. If you can do anything by yourself then it’s good for you.

Q: Do I need a password for PS3 Collection tool?

A: Yes, this file may ask you the password for extract. This file is password protected due to a security reason. You no need to complete any survey for this file. Use Password:

How to use PS3 Collection tools?

  1. Extract file on your computer desktop to using an unzipper
  2. Go to extract folder and find the PS3Tool.exe
  3. Run PS3Tool.exe
  4. Install PS3Tool.exe and follow the screen introduction
  5. Go to the PS3 tool installation folder
  6. Run PS3Tool_Menu

Summary:- You can also run a single PS3 tool such as PUP viewer, PKG viewer. I hope guys this article helps you to understand PS3 Collection tool. If you face another problem. Please feel free to ask me. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to my newsletter for the future updates.

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the file on mega is encrypted and the password isn't working
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ps3tool password say wrong....plz. help as...i try to so many time but password error show
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