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Hi guys, welcome to our blog. We need PS3 Multiman for injecting PS3 games on CFW version. In this article, I am gonna share with you PS3 Multiman 4.80. PS3 multiman work in PS3 as a file manager. You can access your hard disk to using PS3 mutiman.

Why is it stealth? – It is not present in XMB “not present in /dev_hdd0/game/”
Each time the /app_home “Install Package Files” gets different TITLE ID and TITLE NAME
Every time you load a game it will change the TITLE of /app_home thus not looking suspicious
You can use MM while your XMB looks totally OFW/Jailbreak “with no homebrew installed which may be detected”


For 4.30 Jailbreak CFW ROGERO version 2.03 or later with /app_home redirection built-in:-

PS3 MultiMan 4.80

How to install PS3 MultiMan 4.80 (Introduction)

Before you start to install PS3 MultiMan 4.80. You should know some important things. In this article, I mention two type of mode to install multi-man to your PlayStation. You can install multi-man using two type of mode. First, follow the mode one. If you fail to install following mode one. Then use the Mode 2. Make sure you are following the right way. If wrong it can harm your PlayStation.

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Mode 1: 4 STEP to install:-

  1.  First, download the Multi-Man onto your computer. And extract to your computer desktop
  2. That rename the report data.txt to any name.self and copy onto your USB Stick
  3. For locating Multi-Man use the MMOs file and double-click on it
  4. Soon MM Stealth will install and start in your PlayStation

Once you booted stealth mM at least once you can safely delete the ‘regular’ mM from XMB if you wish.
You can delete the standalone [* Install Package Files] application from XMB if you wish.

PS3 MultiMan 4.80

How to load the stealth multi-man:

  1. Restart your PS3Go go /app_home (which will change to the last game you loaded or to [* Install Package Files]) and press [X]
  2. Go /app_home (which will change to the last game you loaded or to [* Install Package Files]) and press [X]
  3. If you hold [SELECT] pressed it will load stealth multi-man directly
  4. The updated [* Install Package Files] supports the stealth multi-man and you can launch it by pressing [SELECT]

The stealth multi-man supports online update which doesn’t require PKG file installation and is a seamless process.

Mode 2: 4 step to install Multi-Man:

  1. Copy installPKG.pkg and report_data.txt to the root of a USB stick or drive
  2. Install “install Pkg”, reboot, install from the bubble.
  3. Start “Install Package Files” standalone app from the icon in XMB (not from /app_home)
  4. It should look like in the screenshot.

Press the [start] button to Update and Load Stealth multi-man into your PlayStation. Now you are done.

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