Hellmut The Badass from Hell PS4

Hellmut The Badass from Hell is an Action Shooter video game developed by Volcanicc and published by Grindstone. The game was released on Dec 6, 2019, for PlayStation 4. Helmut The Badass From Hell is a fast-paced bullet-storm dungeon crawler. Use absurd transformations to defeat monstrous hordes, challenge random bosses on random levels, equip powerful guns, loot valuable treasures, and basically slay huge numbers of monsters. Hellmut The Badass from Hell PS4 Fake PKG is ready to download and install. Game Update & DLC (PKG) can be installed on any exploited PlayStation 4 [5.05 – 9.00] via USB or FTP.

Game Overview
Hell’s gates open and humanity is in danger! No, it has nothing to do with a certain game that has ‘MOOD’ written backward, how dare you think that! This game isn’t some run-of-the-mill first-person shooter, it has terrifying monsters, powerful guns, splatters of blood, and… wait a minute, let’s start it again.
PublisherGrindstone, 2tainment GmbH
Game NameHellmut The Badass from Hell
PlatformPlaystation 4
Game FormatFake PKG
Size500 MB
Release DateDec 6, 2019
GenreAction, Shooter, Shoot-‘Em-Up, Top-Down
ModeSingleplayer, Multiplayer
Required Firmware5.05/6.72/7.02/7.55/9.00
Game Version (ID)CUSA17767

Hellmut The Badass from Hell PS4 FAQs

Can I play Hellmut The Badass from Hell on the 5.05/9.00 exploited system?

PS4 Fake PKG is specially made for exploited PS4 systems. Check the above game’s required firmware and backport details. If your system and game meet minimum system requirements, the answer is yes.

Can I play Hellmut The Badass from Hell on a 9.00 exploited system?

Hellmut The Badass from Hell PS4 required firmware is 9.00 does mean once you install FPKG on your exploited PS4 system. Enable GoldHEN and enjoy your game.

What is the difference between retail PKG and FAKE PKG?

In short: Retail PKG is the official package file provided by Sony. FAKE PKG is a modified PKG that requires playing on exploited systems.

Can I install retail PKG on my PS4 system?

Easily you can install retail PKG on your exploited PS4 system. But you can’t play those games on your console even after enabling HEN. The game will remain locked.

Do I need Update & DLC?

It totally depends on you, check released update logs/information directly from the official website and consider updating or adding DLCs.

Do I need Backport PKG?

Let’s make it simple, check the game required firmware above, and check your system firmware. If your firmware and game-required firmware are the same or above. You can easily install and play your game. Check some examples below
Game Required Firmware – 9.00 | Your Firmware – 9.00 ✔
If Game Required Firmware – 9.00 | Your Firmware – 7.55 or lower ❌ After installing backport ✔
Game Required Firmware – 7.55 or lower | Your Firmware – 9.00 ✔

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