FEAR 2 Project Origin PS3

FEAR 2 Project Origin game is a first-person shooter game developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros Games. It is the 2nd game in the FEAR series and was released on February 10, 2009. FEAR 2 Project Origin PS3 PKG and ISO can be download and installed on any HEN, CFW, HFW exploited system along with updates and DLC via USB or LAN (FTP).

FEAR 2 Project Origin game was received positive reviews from the gaming critics and other gaming portals. This game is very nice as per the last series of the FEAR game. Game lovers and other gaming websites well appreciated this game for the new features and interesting environment.

The FEAR 2 gameplay keeps up the center components from the first. Including slo-mo battle, hand-to-hand fighting assaults, and upgraded AI. The AI from the first FEAR was known for its exploitation of the situations, seeking shelter behind columns and thumping down tables, and a significant number of these practices have been held for the spin-off. Also, new highlights in the game incorporate iron sight pointing, making spread by pushing objects, and the capacity to utilize mechs amid vehicle fragments. The capacity to lean and walk has been removed. Undertaking Origin includes a more varied cast of enemies and adds more experiences with powerful enemies.

DeveloperMonolith Productions
PublisherWarner Bros Games
Game NameFEAR 2 Project Origin
PlatformPlayStation 3
Game FormatPKG & ISO
Release DateFebruary 10, 2009
GenreFirst-person shooter, Survival-horror
ModeSingle-player, Multiplayer
Supported FirmwareUp to 4.xx


Do I need a jailbroken PS3 console to run this game?

Yes, you need a jailbroken PS3 console to enjoy this game on your CFW/HFW/HEN console without any cost. PS3 is completely jailbroken. So don’t worry about the firmware version (PS3 Jailbreak 4.88 is live).

What is the difference between CFW and HFW?

In short: both are firmware – HFW = Hybrid Firmware (Can be installed on any PS3 model). CFW = Custome firmware (Can be installed up to CECH-2508B Model)s the difference between CFW and HFW?

Can I jailbreak my superslim PS3?

Any model of PS3 can be jailbroken in today’s time. You just have to keep one thing in mind, MultiMan support HFW/CFW/HEN.

Do I need this game update or DLC to run this game?

No, you can simply install and enjoy your game with the base version. If you want to add downloadable content (DLC) or update your content. Simply follow the DLC, Updates installation instructions.

How can I install this game on my PS3?

The Exploited PS3 system accepts a lot of different formats such as disk format (GAME_Folder), PKG, etc. So you can find the complete PS3 game installation guide here.

How to install PS3 games?

We already have published an article about installing PS3 games complete guide for PS3HEN and CFW installer users.

Can I play the FEAR 2 Project Origin PS3 game on my PC?

Yes, you just need a PS3 emulator named RPCS3 and configure guide to play the FEAR 2 Project Origin PS3 game on PC/Laptop.

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