Home PS3 JB 4.70+MM 4.66 DL
by Shaaz

This jailbreak file helps you to jailbreak your PS3 console without opening and without any hardware modification. You just need a USB stick with minimum space 512MB and I don’t think this task is hard. It’s very easy to use. Please if you didn’t read the article. Please read the whole article before getting this file. Jailbreaking articles helps you to understand how you can jailbreak your PS3 console via USB. If the 1st link does not work for you please download jailbreak file using Link 2. Like our facebook page and subscribe for future updates.

PS3 JB 4.70+MM 4.66
Mega Link
Passwordforzip12345/= goldmarlboro1 ps3portal0zip1password – also ps4 jailbreak 3.15 password New Password for ps3 jailbreak 4.78 Passw0rdforzip12426165&*11 PS4#[email protected]*H%{@}172.0.0×7530145:#[PS] New Password for 4.80: www.skzones.com PS4#{[email protected]!_<9510247*%PATCH%~PS- Latest Pass for PS4 3.55

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