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Thank you for showing your interest in our website for the Persona 5 Royal PS4 game. We are providing you with information about games, software, and utilities on this website. We need your feedback too so that we can work for better and improved services. Please write your comments and issues, if you feel any inconvenience, we will revert to you with the best possible resolution. With this game I have covered some question answers, please read them before starting to Persona 5 Royal PS4 game.

CUSA17416 – USA
Game + Update 1.01LetsUOneFileZippySMirror
Update 1.01 (Fix 5.05)LetsUOneFileZippySMDFire Link
DLC & PR5 Dynamic ThemeMultiM
DLC (By @fenrrir18) MegaL
CUSA17419 – EUR
Game + Update 1.01LetsUOneFileZippyS
Game + Update 1.01 (7.02 / 6.72 / 5.05)LetsUZippyS
CUSA08644 – JPN
Update 1.01MultiM
CUSA17544 – ASIA

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