by Shaaz

Thank you for choosing us for PexPloit lite V1.0. I mentioned all the major question answers on my blog. If you didn’t read that. Then please go back to the previous page and read it before using PexPloit lite V1.0. PexPloit lite V1.0 allow installing PKG in your PS3 console without Jailbreak your console with the USB stick. You no need hardware like an E3 flasher, Cobra and other. Just read the introduction and follow the simple steps. Now you can play all your favourite PS3 game on your console without Jailbreak, no multi-man, no DVDs.

PS3 Pexploit Lite v1.0
Password: www.ps3jailbreakdownloadfree.com

You can contact me freely if you have any query related PexPloit lite. I will be happy to resolve your problem. I also create the simple tutorial about PexPloit lite. You can also watch those tutorials to understand simply.

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