PS4 Permanent Themes

PS4 Permanent Themes – PS4 themes can add new elements to your PS4 system home screen and user interface. Whether static or dynamic, accompanying music, or featuring unique icons, themes help you further personalize your console. Here’s how you can change the theme of your PS4 as well as add new themes to your collection.

PS4 Exploit execution is temporary, not permanent but these themes PKG are permanent. When you execute PS4 exploit on your PS4 system, you must repeat exploit process after you restart your system. Every theme contains 2 installable Package files. You must install both of them to make them permanent.

Theme Count687
Theme FormatPKG
Require Firmware5.05/6.72/7.02/7.55/9.00

How to install PS4 Permanent Theme

  1. Plug your USB drive into your PC/Laptop
  2. Put your theme PKG file on USB root.
  3. Remove your USB drive from your PC and plug it into your PS4
  4. Enable HEN
  5. Go to setting → GoldHEN → Package Installer and select your PKG file.
  6. Install first PKG file
  7. Now install the 2nd Theme PKG file.


Are these themes permanent?

Yes, when you enable HEN on your PS4 system, install these themes and restart your PS4 system. HEN will disappear but the theme will remain active.

Why lock icon on all my installed themes?

You can ignore this lock icon and there is nothing to do. It may disappear when you will enable HEN on your PS4 system or theme will active.

The theme has been installed successfully on your PS4 system. Now you can navigate “Go to Setting → Theme” and select your theme to and select your theme.

Summary: I hope you got your favorite theme from this collection. You can write your queries in the comment section. Like our Facebook page subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay connected with us.

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