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Tested and Trusted PS4 Payloads for Download. If you have a PS4 jailbroken console or you are searching for the PS4 jailbreak then you may also hear about the PS4 Payload. So, what is the PS4 Payload? and what is the role of PS4 Payload?

If we define in a single line about PS4 Payload then”Payloads can be used to run unsigned code on your PS4″. The PS4 payload can on be any type and every Payload has its own benefits. Like if you are running on 5.05 then without injecting a payload you cannot access the internet browser e.g. Permanent Internet Browser Patch.

One-Click & Manual PS4 Payloads?

After PS4 jailbreak when your PS4 open then you see many options in it like reactPSN. So, all these are PS4 payloads, but you get only limited payloads which you can apply in one-click. On the daily bases, there are new PS4 payloads are released in the market. Those you need to inject manually in your PS4 console.

So, as I mentioned on the above that every payload has its own feature and function. Before applying any PS4 payload make sure it fully tested and trusted, because of a corrupt payload brick your console. We thanks to all the developers who give their contribution to making PS4 payloads for us. We also mention the developer name with the PS4 Payloads.

PS4 5.05/Payload BIN

Payload TypeDeveloper
PS4 4.55/Payload BIN
Payload TypeDeveloper
Debug Settings@2much4ux
Enable VRStooged
FTP by VortexXvortex
FTP ServerVultra
Full Debug Settings@2much4ux
Holy Grail (HEN)@m0rph3us1987
Linux LoaderVultra
Permanent Webbrowser Patch@2much4ux
Dumper 1.7
HEN by Vortex
PS4 4.05/Payload BIN
Payload TypeDeveloper
Debug Settings@SpecterDev
Dumper by VortexXvortex
FTP by VortexXvortex
Full Debug Settings@2much4ux
HEN by VortexXvortex
Kernel DumperWildcard
Nice Fly Mod@0x199
Permanent Webbrowser Patch@2much4ux
PS4HENFlatz, IDC, wildcard
PS4 1.76/Payload BIN
Payload TypeDeveloper
Azura 1.0@2much4ux
CE-32875-5 Fix@2much4ux
Full Debug Settings@j0lama
kernel_hooks.elf (1.1) / Source code@notzecoxao
Debug Settings
DevKit Debug Settings
FTP Access
Full Debug Settings + FTP + Spoof to 5.00
Permanent Internet Browser Patch
PUP Decrypt

Summary: We hope that you must have downloaded the required PS4 Payload for your console. Further, if you need any help or assistance then write to us. We are available on Facebook and you should also subscribe our push notification for latest updates.

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