PS3 IDPSTealer (Find your PS3 IDPS.BIN)

Hi guys, I hope you all well, welcome to my another new and useful article. In this article, I am gonna teach you and show you how to find you perfect PS3 IDPS.bin file in just five minutes using IDPStealer. I also try to provide you with tutorial. Soon I will share with you tutorial of this video “How to find “PS3 IDPS.BIN”. Make sure you subscribe the Smart SK Tech Channel. If you want your PS3 IDPS file, then please read the whole article. Because you should know everything about it what are you are going to do or what is it.

Knowledge gives you the right way and the right way to do the right thing. So, expand your five minutes from your precious time and read the whole article before the start. In this article, I will cover some major question answers which can be on your mind already or can arise. So, first, you should know what is IDPS.BIN file and why we need it. Let’s get started.

What is PS3 IDPS.BIN and why we need this?

IDPS is an Identity of PlayStation. In past, only CFW users can install PS3 games into his console. But nowadays OFW users also can inject PS3 games into his console. But they need his console IDPS for injecting games.  CFW users can easily inject PS3 games into his console because they have full control over his PlayStation and they can access extra features more then OFW users like Multiman etc. That’s the reason everyone wants’s to jailbreak his console.

Q: How to find a PS3IDPS.bin file using IDPStealer?

A: It’s very simple, you need a software called “IDPStealer”. IDPStealer helps you to get your own PS3 system PSNIDPS.bin file in just five minutes. You just need to follow all the steps, step by step.

  1. Extract IDPStealer file on your computer desktop
  2. Open CMD with administrator
  3. Drag and drop IDPStealer on CMD
  4. Type -p 1880 idps.bin
  5. Press Enter
  6. You will see a message Starting the proxy server on Your IP: Port (1880)
  7. Move to your PS3 system (Make sure connect to the internet)
  8. Go to navigation menu INTERNET>INTERNET SETTING
  9. Connect to the internet
  10. Match your IP address (Should same as in CMD)
  11. Change to post as you command into the CMD
  12. Go to play store and access anything which is accessible from the internet
  13. See on your computer screen, you will see your IDPS.BIN file successfully created.

How to use PS3 IDPS.bin?

Much PS3 game injecting software available in the market which helps you to inject PS3 games on OFW without Jailbreak your console. But according to my experience, there is only three software which gives you the best and positive result. PexPloit lite v0.5, Pexploit live v1.0, PS3xPort and TrueAncestor backup retailer. If you don’t know how to use and what is it. Then you can read about that software or watch our video tutorial for more information.

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Our words

Nowadays Sony released update firmware 4.82. Please do not update your console. We already mentioned everything that you should know about PS3 Update Firmware 4.82. Please expand you 15minuted to learn everything about before the start. If you know everything about the software and how to use, then you will no need to ask us anything. Becuase we already cover major question answers with every game, software etc and you will not face any problem during installation.

Summary: I hope guys, you follow all steps and you get your IDPS.bin file using IDPStealer. If you have any problem or question related to this article. Please ask and share with us. We will help you to resolve your problem. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our push notification to stay connect with us.

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