Play PS2 Games on PS3 (Up to 4.88)

Are you missing your PS2 games and not available for PS3? Don’t worry we have a solution for that. You can play your PS2 game on any exploited PS3 system, no matter whether it is available on PS3 or not. If you do not have a jailbroken PS3 follow PS3 Jailbreak instructions and apply HEN or Install CFW according to the compatibility list.

In order to install games on any exploited system, you need .pkg formatted files or you can simply run ISO through MM (Emulator “RetroArch”). Basically, there are two ways for both HEN and CFW users and we gonna discuss them. We can’t complete this process without a few required files/tools which you can find below.

Convert PS2 ISO/BIN into PKG

  1. Run PS3 Classic GUI “exe”
  2. Select PS2 ISO/BIN and leave default PS2 Classic settings (PS2 Game should be ISO or BIN format)
  3. Now Encrypt your PS2 game ISO/BIN
  4. Once the Encryption process is done. Save ENC File anywhere you can find it easily.
  5. Rename your Encrypt ISO “ENC” file ISO.BIN.ENC (Time to convert ISO/BIN into PKG)
  6. Run PS2 Classic GUI and Select your renamed ENC file. (Optional: You can change your game title and image whatever you want)
  7. Click on Sign PKG – (Wait till the process completes)
  8. You will get a PKG file does mean you have successfully converted ISO/BIN into PKG format.

Sign result PKG

By following the above 8 steps you have successfully converted ISO/BIN into PKG format. Unfortunately, you can simply install and run your game. You must sign your PKG before installing it on the PS3 system which is pretty simple. Make sure you already have your PS3 system act.dat and idps.hex file. (If not? you need to dump PS3 Act.dat and IDPS.hex file)

  1. Put result PKG file into Resigner Master 2>Input>Pkgs folder (make sure you have ACT.DAT and IDPS.hex file on Resigner Master 2>act_dat and Resigner Master 2> idps_hex folder)
  2. Run resigner_windows bat.
  3. Once the process is done, Press enter button twice.
  4. Copy result “signed PKG” file from Resigner Master 2>output>pkgs and paste into FAT32 formatted USB root folder.
  5. Paste PS2 Classic Placeholder to your USB root folder.

Sign PS2 Classic Placeholder

In order to run PS2 games on PS3, we need to be signed PS2 classic placeholder. We gonna do a few steps and after that we can install our game without any issue.

  1. Put PS2 Classic Placeholder RAP file into Resigner Master>rifgen_master folder (Make sure you have you act.dat and IDPs.hex file inside Resigner Master>rifgen_master folder.)
  2. Drag and drop PS2 Classic Placeholder RAP file on resigner master exe.
  3. Copy your signed_act.dat & RIP file and paste it into your USB root.
  4. Rename your signed_act.dat to act.dat only. Now move to your PS3 screen.

Install PS2 Classic placeholder and game

  1. Open the internet browser and visit (Make Sure you are using Update HAN Release files)
  2. Go to HAN actrif_copier and copy your act.dat and RIF file
  3. Exit browser and reopen it.
  4. Enable debug PKG mode
  5. Install PS2 Placeholder Classic PKG file.
  6. Restart your PS3 system manually.
  7. Enable HEN
  8. Install Burnout Revenge PS2 PKG game.
  9. Check both PS2 Classic Placeholder and game information. (It should patch with your game user)
  10. Run game and enjoy


Do I need Phat/FAT, Slim or SuperSlim PS3 System?

All PS3 systems can be jailbroken without any hardware modification up to 4.88. So, you can use your Phat/FAT, Slim or Superslim. You just need to make sure about your jailbreak type (HEN/CFW). The process of both is the same but you have to follow the right method.

Why I’m getting a copyright protection error?

Copyright protection error means you have the wrong act.dat and idps.hex file and patch process didn’t complete. Recheck/redump your PS3 system act.dat and idps.hex file.

Game not installing on PS3 what to do?

Maybe you didn’t copy the file correctly after the signed process. Resigned file, Press enter twice and put result file from resigner master 2>Input>pkgs folder to USB root.

Required Files

PS2 Classics GUIResigner Master V1.0
Resigner Master V2.0PS2 Classic Placeholder
Latest HEN ReleasePS2 Game ISO/BIN

Summary:- I hope you got this article informative and you are running PS2 games on PS3. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to YouTube channel and stay connected with me.

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gmeira17 April 3, 2018 - 8:40 pm
Please help, I can't find it anywhere on the internet, whenever i try to convert a ps2 iso i get the error: 0 [main] ps2classic 13020 find_fast_cwd: WARNING: Couldn't compute FAST_CWD pointer. Please report this problem to the public mailing list Error: invalid number of arguments for encryption All games give me the same error, I'm desperate.
Ádám Farkas April 13, 2018 - 7:15 am
Hi Dear, I use the newest Windows 10 64-bit on my computer and I had the same problem. So I installed a virtual Windows 7 on my PC, and it works without any errors on the virtual machine. I think you should try it. B. regards.
ucupthea May 17, 2018 - 1:28 am
i have some problem... 1. Where i can get files act.dat and idps.bin? Please help...
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