Dark Arcana The Carnival PS4

Dark Arcana The Carnival is an adventure game developed and published by Artifex Mundi. The Dark Arcana The Carnival game is really a very nice game and it released on October 8, 2012. Dark Arcana The Carnival PS4 Fake PKG and ISO are available for download. Game Update & DLC (PKG) can be installed in any exploited PlayStation 4 [5.05 – 7.55 Firmware] via USB or FTP. Investigate two universes: the one you know and a substitute plane existing behind the Hall of Mirrors. Find the mystery of an ancient being known as the Evil One. Uncover the account of star-crossed sweethearts and prevent the Evil One from breaking its enchanted chains and attacking our reality.

While going through dimensions, you will unravel keenly outlined minigames and find shrouded questions or play an uncommon minigame as an option. The best part is that you will become friends with a charming and astute monkey gave to helping you on this experience. In the game, a cute helper monkey is with you, who can help you time to time. The art in the gameplay is very nice and it makes by hand. The storyline of the game is very mysterious, you should always be prepared for the new surprises. Furthermore, in the gameplay, there are many quick clever and unique mini-games.

DeveloperArtifex Mundi
PublisherArtifex Mundi
SeriesDark Arcana
Game NameDark Arcana: The Carnival
PlatformPlayStation 4
Game FormatEUR – CUSA08710 [PKG Format]
Release DateOctober 8, 2012
ModeSingle-player, Multiplayer


Can I Play this game on PS3?

It depends If the game publisher published this game for PS3 & PS4. You can use the search box (Type Game Name and PS3). High-end graphics games can’t be played using an emulator on PS3. For example, GTA 5 Available for both PS3 & PS4

Can I play this game on PC?

As we described on our first QNA, It depends. While we talk about PC luckily we have lots of options and ideas. If you have PS4 working emulator, you can install FPKG and enjoy the game.

Do I need Backport PKG?

It depends too, Example – Your firmware version 5.05 and you jailbreak it, and now you are planning to play 7.55 required firmware game. You have to install backport PKG after game FPKG.

Do I need Update & DLC?

You can check your game information once you install it on your PS4. If you want to add DLC or update game version. You can use both FPKG.

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