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by Shaaz

This jailbreak file helps you to downgrade your PS3 from 4.80 to 3.55. But nowadays, Pexploit v3.0 has been released. You no longer need any downgrade jailbreak. Because you can jailbreak your firmware 4.82 via USB. If you don’t know about PS3xploit v3.0. Then please go back and search on our website. That article will guide you the complete process of PS3 jailbreak 4.82.

4.80 to 3.55
Mega Link
ps3portal0zip1password – also ps4 jailbreak 3.15 password
New Password for ps3 jailbreak 4.78
PS4#[email protected]*H%{@}172.0.0×7530145:#[PS]
New Password for 4.80: www.skzones.com
PS4#{[email protected]!_<9510247*%PATCH%~PS- Latest Pass for PS4 3.55

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