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Once again we are here with a new topic of the PS4 console. If you are on the below version like 4.05, 4.55 or 5.05 and you still didn’t jailbreak your console. Then Jailbreak your console first. We already shared with you an article about how to jailbreak a PS4. Once you jailbreak your PS4 console. Then you’ll get a debug setting in your setting tab. With the help of debug setting, you can easily install your PKG file from your exFAT or FAT32 USB drive. Ok, the main point in this article Super Nintendo Emulator “Snes Emulator”.

Super Nintendo Emulator “SNES Emulator” for the PS2. This emulator allows you to play all your old and gold game. If you are missing your old games like contra etc. Then you no need to buy another console for it. SNES emulator will allow you to play all your game without any issues. This emulator has inbuild ROMS. If you are looking for how you can run your OWN ROMS. Then you can play it through your USB (exFAT or FAT32) drive. Super Nintendo installation process is very easy. It’s a very quick and easy process or how to install SNES emulator on PS4 with USB. So, let’s get started.

How to install Super Nintendo “SNES” emulator on PS4?

  1. Download SNES emulator three parts
  2. Create a folder anywhere on your computer and put all parts together.
  3. Extract first SNES emulator part using WinRAR. (If required for the 2nd part. Give the exact location)
  4. Copy result single PKG.
  5. Plug your USB drive on your computer
  6. Make sure your USB drive FAT32 or exFAT (If not please format)
  7. Paste your file on your USB root.
  8. Safely remove your USB drive and plug it on your PlayStation 4 console
  9. Go to setting and open users guide
  10. Choose your version 4.05, 4.55 or 5.05.
  11. Enable HEN or Mira+HEN
  12. Go to debug setting.
  13. Install your package file.
  14. Wait for the complete process
  15. RUN Super Nintendo “SNES” Emulator
  16. Go to CDROM>ROMS and choose your game which you want to play.
  17. Enjoy

That’s all guys, It’s a very quick and simple process to install SNES emulator on your PS4 console. If you are not on the jailbreak firmware or you already updated your firmware. Then you have to wait for the updated jailbreak. Many people ask these question, but maybe it can be in your mind. Please read all the FAQs.


Q: Is it required jailbroken console?

A: Yes, you have to jailbreak your PS4 console. Without jailbreak your console you can’t install PKG file. By chance you install then you can’t run the emulator. Because it will show you the locked content and ask you to renew the licence.

Q: What is SNES station?

A: SNES mean Super Nintendo Emulator. Super Nintendo emulator for the PS2. With the help of SNES emulator, you can run your old favourite game like Contra, Mario etc.

Q: How to run games in SNES emulator?

A: Please read installation process. I mentioned everything about SNES emulator how to install and how you can play games.

Q: Which format SNES station support?

A: If you are talking about games. Then SNES emulator only supports ROMS. SNES ROMS should be in ROM folder. If you want to run it.

Q: Can I use my OWN ROM?

A: If you have any game ROM. Then yes you can play it. You need a USB which should be formatted with FAT32 or exFAT. Put your ROMs on your USB drive root folder and brows it in SNES emulator.



Summary: I hope guys you understand everything about Super Nintendo “SNES” emulator. If you think I miss something or you face some trouble. Then you can freely ask me. Just leave a comment in the comment section. We will get you in touch. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our push notification to stay connect with us.

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javierandy vargas June 22, 2018 - 2:31 pm
gracias por el emulador de snes a recordar gracias
Gerardo Cignarella August 27, 2018 - 8:09 pm
donde esta el enlace ? como se baja? muchas gracias
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