PS4 jailbreak 5.05 Firmware

If you are planning to jailbreak your PlayStation 4 console and you are stick on 5.05 firmware. Then you made a right decision to give a chance to guide you how you can jailbreak your PS4 console. This is the right place to jailbreak your PS4 console within few simple steps. You can perform it without USB drive, computer and another hardware types of equipment. This PS4 jailbreak process requires only 5.05 firmware and internet. PS4 jailbreak is not like PS3 jailbreak where you install multiman etc. It’s only a WebKit exploit which is released by Xvortex. By enabling HAN (Home Brew Enabler), you can enjoy all the locked content without any cost.

PS4 Jailbreak 5.05 Firmware has some new features. Now you can dump your PS4 disk to your USB, transfer save data and much more. If you are only the below version then you should have a look PS4 jailbreak 4.55, which is very commonly used (Only for the lower version users). Further, once you update your PS4 firmware, then you need to debug your console which allows you to install the game pkg.

Please read the complete article carefully, because I shared you with the full PS4 Jailbreak 5.05 firmware. Please make sure your console version on should on version 5.05 or lower. Besides that, if your console version is above then 5.05 then you no need to update it (Do not update via internet, Update via storage media) if you try then on lower or higher version, maybe your console brick. So let’s start.

Minimum requirements:-

  • A PS4 Console
  • A USB Stick (FAT32 or exFAT Formatted)
  • Internet connection

PS4 Jailbreak 5.05 new features:-

  • Bug Fix
  • Low shut down chance
  • No brick
  • Dump Disk
  • FTP Server
  • ReactPSN
  • Mira HEN
  • HEN (Homebrew)
  • MERA + HEN
  • VR and NO-VR Game unlocked
  • Transfer save, database & User data
  • Fast & Smooth PKG installer

PS4 Jailbreak 5.05 introduction

  1. Update your firmware to 5.05 (If you are lower version)
  2. Format your USB drive with FAT32 or exFAT
  3. Create folder PS4>UPDATE.
  4. Copy paste your update firmware inside UPDATE folder
  5. Plug your USB stick on your PS4 console.
  6. Go to setting and update your firmware. (Do not update your firmware via internet)
  7. Setup internet connection.
  8. Leave everything default.
  9. Put manually DNS address 1 – 2 –
  10. Go to setting and open user guide
  11. You’ll see firmware window.
  12. Choose 5.05
  13. Enabler Browser
  14. Close users guide and open internet browser.
  15. Put primary DNS address in your web browser
  16. Choose 5.05
  17. After that enable Mira+HEN to unlock locked content
  18. Run your game or application and enjoy.

Some general question answers about PS4 Jailbreak 5.05

Q1: What is the PS4 Jailbreak?

A1: PS4 Jailbreak is not like PS3 jailbreak where you get Multiman and easily using the external hard drive you can install PS4 Packages file or directly play games. If your console is eligible to jailbreak. Then after the jailbreak process, you will get a debug setting in your setting tab and you can run locked content without a licence.

Q2: What is the debug setting in PS4?

A2: You will get debug setting after the jailbreak process. As we already share with you how to Jailbreak PS4 console. Debug setting in the setting tab allows you to install Package files (PKG) via USB or external hard drive. I just covered here the main advantage of the debug setting. But you will get more features in the debug setting.

Q3: Can I install any PS4 games on Jailbroken console?

A3: If you have jailbroken your console and you get the debug setting. Then you can easily install any PS4 games on your console via USB or external. But PS4 only support package format. If you have a game in another format. Then first you need to convert your PS4 games to PKG format.

Q4: Can I dump/Copy PS4 disk on my PS4?

A4: Yes, you can. As I mentioned above. PS4 has only three jailbreak-able firmware 4.05, 4.55 and 5.05. But only 5.05 firmware only have the advance feature to dump/copy your PS4 disk game. To complete the dumping process you need a USB or External drive.

Q5: Which USB or external drive should I use for my PS4?

A5: It depends on your game size. First, insert your game disk on your PS4 console. Then wait for the complete installation process. Then check game information. If your game is below then 4GB. Then you need a USB drive with the FAT32 format. Further, if your game is above then 4GB then you need a USB or external drive with the exFAT format.

Q6: Can I use NTFS formatted USB or external drive?

A6: No, you can’t. Because PlayStation 4 only supports FAT32 and exFAT format. If you have USB or external drive with the NTFS format. Then first you need to format it first with FAT32 or exFAT format. NTFS formatted drive won’t show in your PS4 anywhere because of the unsupported format.

Q7: How Can I convert my disk dump game to PKG?

A7: If you already dump/copy your PS4 disk on your USB storage. We already share with you an article how you convert PS4 disk game to PKG. Also, we shared a tutorial that you can watch here.

Q8: Can I use my PS4 Pro console?

A8: As I told you above in this article. PS4 jailbreak is not like PS3 jailbreak where you need to check compatibility list. PS4 jailbreak same for all console models. Does not matter which console model you have. You just need to check your firmware. It’s should below 5.05.

Q9: Can I Jailbreak my PS4 above 5.05 firmware?

A9: No, you can’t jailbreak your PS4 console above then 5.05. If you already updated your console via internet or storage media. Then you are out of luck and you have to wait for update Jailbreak version.

Q10: Can I downgrade my PS4 console 5.03 to 4.05 or lower?

A10: As you know the downgrading feature was not available in the PS3. So, how could it in PS4. Further, you may hear about the PS3 downgrade process but that only possible with the help of hardware like Cobra, E3 flasher. Not with a jailbreak file. But there is no hardware or software by which you can downgrade your PS4.

Q11: Is there any hope for updated (5.55) PS4 Jailbreak?

A11: As you know, in past PS4 jailbreak was not possible. But as you know, the first PS4 jailbreak was coming for 4.05 firmware and after that, you can jailbreak your 4.55 firmware and now you can jailbreak your 5.05 firmware. Now, the developers are regularly working on the latest firmware like 5.50 or 5.55. So, we hope that in the upcoming time you will get the jailbreak process for your PS4 5.50 or 5.55. Just do not update your console if you are planning to jailbreak your console.

Q12: Can I play online PS4 games after jailbreak my console?

A12: Yes, you can easily play your disk games after jailbreak your PS4 console. Because the jailbreak process will never affect your BD drive hardware or features.

Q13: What is the difference between Mira, xvortex or kernel jailbreak?

A13: According to our view all jailbreak is slightly similar. The main difference is only about the name, xvortex released jailbreak name is xvortex jailbreak. Mira and Kenal project also know his name.

Summary:- Finally, we hope that you easily understand the PS4 Jailbreak 5.05 Firmware process. Further, if you have any doubt then you can write to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the best possible solution. Please like and share our Facebook page and subscribe push notification for regular updates on games and software.

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