PS3 ACT/RIF Alternative Injection

PS3 ACT/RIF Alternative Injection – We like to share with you a new process how to inject act.dat/rif file. Many of users are getting the trouble while patching the act.dat/rif (game license) file. The reason is that they need to use PS3xploit v3.0. Some users which are already installed on the HAN toolbox v0.5 for them also auto actrif_copier will not work. Before this process, you use the different processes like use resigner master tool act.dat, rap file, and IDPs.hex and drag and drop the rap file on rifgen.exe, then after that resigner master gives you the rif and signed_act.dat file. Then you need to put both files on your USB drive (FAT32) and then you need to set up localhost MiniWeb server to access the HAN release file. After that, you need to select actrif_copier and fill the rif file name, which takes a lot of time and as per our views about 40% of users not able to perform this process correctly.

Now, if you do not want to perform this process again and again on your PS3 console, then we have a very easy way by which you can do the same activity in few steps. By this trick, you can merge act.dat and rif file in pkg format, which you can easily install in your console without any issue. You can also use that pkg file in the future to fetch your PSN license. To perform this action you just need small software called resigner master 2.1, with the help of this software you can easily perform this activity. Some time ago we share with you resigner master 1.0, in which you can only patch PS3 games license. But in the new version, you can patch any gaming console license like PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP/PSVITA, Eboot, ENC, and Emulator. So let s get started.

Key Features:

  • 100% working
  • Error proof and easily install
  • No internet connection required

PS3 ACT/RIF Alternative Injection

  1. Dump act.dat and IDPs.hex in your USB root.
  2. Put act.dat in PS3xploit-resigner-2.1.0\input\act_dat folder.
  3. Put IDPs.hex in PS3xploit-resigner-2.1.0\input\idpx_hex folder.
  4. Now put RAP file in PS3xploit-resigner-2.1.0\input\raps folder.
  5. Run resign_windows exe.
  6. Copy RIF PKG file from PS3xploit-resigner-2.1.0\output\pkgs folder and paste it under USB root (FAT32)
  7. Plug your USB stick in your PS3 console near of BD drive.
  8. Simply install RIF pkg.
  9. Enjoy game.

This process is only if you already installed the game in your PS3 console. If you didn’t install the game in your PS3 console. Then you need to put your PS3 game (PKG) in the PS3xploit-resigner-2.1.0\input\pkgs folder. Then copy both game and rif result PKG file in your USB root. You can find both files in the PS3xploit-resigner-2.1.0\output\pkgs folder.

Some frequently asked queries related to PS3 ACT/RIF Alternative Injection

Q: What I need to perform this activity?

A: You must have the PS3 console, act.dat, IDPs.hex and resigner master 2.1. if you already installed the game on your console and ask for the patch license, then you need the rap file of that same game.

Q: Which rap file should I use US/EU?

A: This totally depends on your location. If you belong to Europe region than use EU rap file, other than this you should use US rap file.

Q: What happens if I use other region rap file?

A: Whenever you are using any game rap file makes sure that rap file belongs to your region. Further, if you use other region rap file then maybe your PSN account block as per the Sony privacy policy.

Q: Can I use the generated pkg file on any other console?

A: No you can’t because the act.dat and IDPs.hex will not permit you. All the gaming console has unique act.dat and IDPs.hex files, so you are not able to use it on any other console.

Summary:- We hope that you can easily understand the PS3 ACT/RIF Alternative Injection. Further, if you need any assistance or need any help then freely writ us. We surely revert back to you as soon as possible. Please like and share our Facebook page and subscribe push notification.

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