Penguin Wars PS4

Penguin Wars is a side-scrolling stealth-action video game developed by Dispatch Games and published by City Connection. The game was released on Sep 25, 2018, for PlayStation 4. Join Riley and her friends on their journey to Cumin Cumin land. Collect items and earn candy to evolve your favorite character. You can also buy “Jira Skills” which let you learn special moves for each character. Penguin Wars PS4 Fake PKG is ready to download and install. Game Update & DLC (PKG) can be installed on any exploited PlayStation 4 via USB or FTP.

Game Overview
Penguin Wars is a game where you play a penguin trying to conquer Antarctica. You are going to do this by pushing all the other penguins off their icebergs. You have to go through all the areas with nothing more than your bazooka loaded with snowballs, as well as your knowledge of the distance between your shots.
DeveloperDispatch Games
PublisherCity Connection
Game NamePenguin Wars
PlatformPlayStation 4
GenreAction, Arcade
Release DateSep 25, 2018
Game FormatFake PKG
Required Firmware6.71
Game Version (ID)CUSA11292 – USA

Penguin Wars PS4 FAQs

What is the difference between retail PKG and FAKE PKG?

In short: Retail PKG is an official package file provided by Sony. FAKE PKG is a modified PKG that requires playing on exploited systems.

Can I play Penguin Wars PS4 on 5.XX or above “exploited” system?

The firmware requirements version of almost all the games is different. Check Penguin Wars PS4 game required firmware version above. If game required firmware is same or lower than your PS4 firmware version, game is playable if not, you must install backport PKG.

Can I install retail PKG on my PS4 system?

You can install retail PKG on your exploited PS4 system. But you can’t play those games on your console even after enabling HEN. The game will remain locked.

Do I need Update & DLC?

You can check your game information once you install it on your PS4 system. If you want to add DLC or update the game version. You can use both FPKGs.

Do I need Backport PKG?

Let’s make it simple and understand with examples:
Game Required Firmware – 9.00 | Your Firmware – 9.00 ✔
If Game Required Firmware – 9.00 | Your Firmware – 7.55 or lower ❌ After installing backport ✔
Game Required Firmware – 7.55 or lower | Your Firmware – 9.00 ✔

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