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Thank you for choosing our website for Persona 5 PS3 from our website. Your download is on the way. Make sure you read the whole article. I already cover all the major question answers. CFW user has many ways to inject the PS3 game with an update file into his console. If you are an OFW user then you need it. If you don’t know how to inject PS3 games on your PS3 PHAT/Slim/Super Slim console, then for you we already published an article, How to Inject PS3 games on OFW 4.88.

Version – EUR – BLES02247 ⇛OneFileZippySMegaL
Password ⇛POTATO
Version – BLJM61346 – USA ⇛OneFileMegaL – Password: luis alberto
Mirror ver BLJM61346 – USA ⇛MegaL – Password: vnsharing
Update DLC MegaL
NPUB31848 – USAGLinkDirect
Fix + DLCMegaLOneFile
Japanese Voice DLC – Ver USADirect
NPEB02436 – EURMegaLGLinkDirect
Fix + DLCMegaLMirror
Japanese Voice DLC Ver EurDirect
Persona 5 – Japanese Voices – EURPKG + RAP
Persona 5 – Merciless Difficulty – EURPKG + RAP
Persona 5 – Skill Card Set – EURPKG + RAP
Persona 5 – Healing Item Set – EURPKG + RAP
Persona 5 – Japanese Voices – USAPKG + RAP
Persona 5 Regular Clothes & School Uniforms Set USAPKG + RAP
Persona 5 Christmas Costume Set – USA PKG + RAP
Persona 5 Maid and Butler Costume Set – USAPKG + RAP
Persona 5 Persona 20th Anniversary Logo Morgana Car Sticker – USAPKG + RAP
Persona 5 – Merciless Difficulty – USAPKG + RAP
Persona 5 Swimsuit Set – USAPKG + RAP
Persona 5 Phantom Thieves Logo Morgana Car Sticker -USAPKG + RAP
Persona 5 – Skill Card Set – USAPKG + RAP
Persona 5 – Healing Item Set – USAPKG RAP

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