Bypass/remove surveys from any website

I know the survey is a head pain. So, first something about what is the survey and why is surveys? The survey gives a reliable method for earning by uploading files without Investment. Survey also offered to highest payouts to our publishers as a result of survey work with the simple stating advertisers within the business to make sure the very best payouts potential. When the survey is complete and downloads a file. A publisher can make a maximum of 1 to 2 $ for every download. The main downside is that your account.

Many people upload a file to surveys site for earn money. Visitors are trying to download the file and complete many times survey. Many time survey sites are the complete survey by visitors and download link are not open and publisher is making money. Survey are like impossible to complete. After all, if someone complete the survey after west 1-2 days downloads link is still locked. The visitor makes fool. If you visit have good luck and after complete survey download link opens there is no guarantee visitor will get correct file. The survey is a scam. After a long time, I got a working trick to bypass survey.
A survey is different for the different country. If you are from the USA then you have different surveys for INDIA are other.

Remove survey easily from any website

There are many sites they providing the survey to unlock a file. Like,, Verified etc.
These sites provide the survey to file unlock. There are many types surveys finance survey, insurance survey, Health product survey, Car insurance survey, depend on the country and it’s really easy steps to remove survey easily. Just follow the simple steps. Let’s get started.

How to remove Bypass survey

How to bypass remove surveys

  1. Visit to provided link Example:
  2. Click to download for open surveys. (You’ll get 4 up to 6 surveys. fined Sign up survey. Like in INDIA nowadays GET A FASHION GIFTS FOR AMERICAN SAWAN survey is showing to complete. Remember by one IP you can complete a survey one time only
  3. Click on Insurance or any Sign-up survey one window will open after the click to offer. Just fill your detail or you can use fake email ID but you have to put your mobile number are correct for One Time Password (OTP). If you don’t see Signup surveys. then don’t try to complete any other survey. If you don’t want to waste your data and time. as I said surveys are different to different countries. You have to change your IP address to use any VPN service
  4. Click to download IBVPN
  5. After download install on your computer
  6. Register free trial account ibVPN. ibVPN provides 6-hour free trial account
  7. Fill detail your name email and password click Sign up Now. ibVPN sent you an email
  8. Open your email. You will find your login detail
  9. Open ibVPN put your email and password and click to login
  10. Now you can choose any country to change your IP address
  11. Select any country and refresh your survey page your survey will change
  12. Your file will download automatically. If not then click again the same survey

Note – No any other option to crack or downloader to remove your survey no any Bookmarklet code. Because survey company is very smart. You can’t crack any survey sites. my remedies.

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adi September 5, 2017 - 7:05 am
please send me password of PS3-JB 4.78 - Smart SK Tech
Shaaz September 11, 2017 - 6:37 am
Go to the forum and find topic all Jailbreak file password.
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