Ben 10 Protector of Earth PS2

Ben 10 Protector of Earth is an action-adventure video game developed by High Voltage Software and published by D3 Publisher. The game was released on October 30, 2007, for PlayStation 2. Ben 10 Protector of Earth PS2 ISO/ROM ready to download and install on any exploited PS2, PS3 systems. You can also run this game on Android (DamonPS2) and PC (PCSX2) using an emulator.

Ben 10 Protector of Earth PS2
‘Ben 10 Protector of Earth’ is a game where the player controls Ben and helps him travel through 5 regions from [United States] to recover the DNA samples of all Omnitrix stolen by Vilgax, who wants to use them to destroy. World. Its levels include puzzle-solving as well as waves of enemies where the player needs to fight to continue.
DeveloperHigh Voltage Software
PublisherD3 Publisher
SeriesBen 10
Game NameBen 10 Protector of Earth
PlatformPlayStation 2
Game FormatISO/ROM (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Size3.20 GB
Release DateOctober 30, 2007
GenreAction-adventure, Beat ’em up
ModeSingle-player, Multiplayer

Ben 10 Protector of Earth PS2 FAQs

How to get PS2 games working on PS2 using USB or flash drives?

Anyone who is new to using OPL 0.9.3 can get their PS2 games working on USB or flash drive by following three simple steps.
1. Format USB drive with FAT32, set as primary and active partition using CMD
2. Put your ISO in DVD folder (Less than 4.3GB, CD folder less than 700MB).

Is it possible to play Ben 10 Protector of Earth on PS3?

Many PS2 games have been published for PS3 by the game developers. If not? there are two ways to play PS2 games on PS3. PS3 PS2 Classics placeholder allows you to run PS2 ISO on PS3 or you can convert PS2 ISO into PKG format using some tools.

Can I play PS2 games on PS4?

PS2 FPKG V0.6 app converts PS2 ISO/BIN games to FPKG which can be installed directly on any exploited PS4 systems. Note: some games work fine and in other games, you may face lag, bug or graphic glitches.

Is there any way to play PS2 games on PC?

Yes, you can play PS2 games on PC using a PS2 emulator named PCSX2 emulator. PCSX2 emulator allows you to run ISO/ROM/BIN on PC/Laptop.

Can I convert PS2 ISO into PS3_GAME Folder?

I already have published an article (Play PS2 Games on PS3) for you. Follow the steps and enjoy games on PS3 system.

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